Friday, June 1, 2007


note: wow is a video game. If you did not already know this, this post is apt to be very dull and confusing and I would advise skipping to the last paragraph.

So, I started my burning crusade trial last night. Actually, two days ago, but it took me that long to free up enough space and patch everything and get it going.

I was, perhaps, a little too amused with how much I'd forgotten. As in, 'oh yeah, I have buffs, I should use those' or 'I should spec. I think I used to be frost spec, there are a lot of frost buttons on my toolbar, so that was probably it' or even 'I can't steer!' It's coming back, slowly. I also have no idea what half (all?) the stuff in my bags was for. I have a ton of longjaw mudsnapper. I guess one of my alts was leveling cooking? I also have a ton of thorium - a lot more than the mudsnapper. That I at least remember, but it probably would have been more profitable to liquidate *earlier*.

Unfortunately, the expansion hasn't changed hillsbrad much - the main thing I noticed was that the tell you which quest are supposed to be for a group. Spiffy.

Which brings us to the main obstacle to joining up again. My 60 main is a warrior, which was probably not the best choice for me to begin with, and seems to be next to useless now compared to druid, or (f'in) paladin tanks. It's a good time to let her just drop I think. So I'd have to grind 35 levels on my next alt (oh, and switch servers) to get back to the occasional instancing with a good group of people I was at before.
Do I want to grind that much?
It was great nostalgia talking with one of the people who still had an alt on the old server, but I so hate being a lowb. otoh, a lowby mage/druid is easier to deal with than a lowby tank.

sooo...  much as I want to take pictures, of the scarf, of the basil that has gotten huge this week, of the lettuce, which I think may be bolting. I don't think I will be. I'll be playing my trial during my home cpu time for the next 7 days to take full advantage. After that, we'll see.