Monday, February 12, 2007

This weekend.

So, what did we do this weekend? Many things, my knitting corner is emptying out.
The big pile of yarn is completed:
7 skeins handpaintedyarn merino bulky "noches de otoño".
This color is actually pretty true. I love the interplay of green and purple into grey in this. I keep thinking of new names for it like "wood smoke" or "black pearl". I tend to do that when I like a color. The small skeins are from knots, I consider this turnout mostly reasonable. I'm definetly going with the alternating skeins on this, since there are subtle differences between them all, but only two that really stand out - and I think I can arrange even them discreetly.

This: (is a terrible picture. There is no light at all today, plus the only place I could set things up was far away, but you get the drift, yes?)

which is destined to become a forest path shawl.

I am in love with this pattern. I feel a little bad making it in alpaca from somewhere other than the 'alpaca yarn co' that I ordered the pattern from, but I think I'm forgivable since they didn't have a dark green color, which is what I had in mind. Truly, I was thinking a green merino, but my choices of green laceweight were this or zephyr, and this seemed closer to my vision, despite zephyr's glowing reviews. It works well in the swatch. The place I ordered the yarn from did send a sample card, and I ease my concience with the knowledge that I will probably order yarn from them in the future.

I definetly going to make a few changes to the pattern. I don't like the big plain border, so I think I'm going to nix it and knit a to-be-determined border on afterwards. I also *think* I'm going to make it narrower (probably 3 block wide instead of 5?), and possibly shorter too, since I have more of a need to a scarf than a full-blown shawl. I had a vision on my way home of it very skinny around my neck as an 'accessory' piece only a single block wide rather than a 'wamth' piece, and that tempts me. Logically, I have enough yarn to make both, but that will never happen, so I will probably nix the narrow idea, or make it in some other yarn (silk?) later.


Wound up the next skein of sock yarn. The little one on the side is another knot orphan. This one annoye me more than the ones in the pile, since it is *so small* It is smaller than it appears in the picture, must be some sort of foreshortening going on.
I don't know if I like this colorway. It's from the same place as the FO socks, and again I think it could benefit from being more mixed-together, and shorter repeats. I'm considering zigzag socks for it, since the extra distance around would make the stripes narrower. I do feel obliged to use it up before buying more yarn. For now at least. That resolution may fade.

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