Tuesday, March 20, 2007

losing everything

So, as a follow-up to my mysterious yarn shortage (I have finally bitten the bullet and ordered more - and needles 5 balls should be enough for sleeves, right? They were only 4$ each...) I have also lost 1/2 the pattern to the fps. Including the part that explains the part I'm on. So no work on that.

otoh, I have started on the sleeve for the handpainted yarn sweater. Started with sleeves, as I have yet to completely determine how I'm going to do the button band. Right now, thinking 1x1 rib on a smaller needle, with grosgrain sewn to the back. But still pondering.

It's working out nicely, very soft, the alternating colors seems to be working. Very snug too, which was to be expected, the original sweater was in an acrylic blend, so the rib didn't contract much. This is 100% merino, so it does. Good snugly feel to it, but it's going to be quite trim. While this is generally a plus, I'm a little nervous whether the body will end up too snug, and pull at the buttons, and I should revert to the turtleneck idea. I still prefer the idea of a cardigan, even if I only wear camisoles under it, so maybe I can block the lights out of the body when I wash it and have it work out. At worst, I suppose I could sew the button band shut, and have it be a 'pretend' cardigan.


Working on the thicker dpns is hurting my left ring finger, since they neither bend like my sock pins, nor have yarn cushioning on that part like circulars. Saw on the KR forums today a post about flexi DPNs. at http://knittingonthego.samsbiz.com/page/150ww/Home.html. May have to try those out. Pretty cheap too.

In other news, the 'other' sock yarn is not turning out to be as heinous of a colorway as I had expected. Still not my fave, but it isn't paining me to work on. I did forget to factor in negative ease for the leg, so it's a bit loose, but I doubt these will really be favorite socks anyway, so I'm leaving it.

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