Thursday, November 8, 2007

Now that's interesting...

In reading my daily blogs, I found this announcement from my reader.
Sew, Mama, Sew! on the Move
Basically, they aggregated their top 1000 feeds to a list, and pointed some out.
What I thought was interesting, was the thematic analysis. Basically, tech stuff was king, then humor and news, but the final category they found noteworthy was craft blogs. The blog from the title, YarnHarlot, and a third that I didn't look into.


Now, I haven't done any analysis outside of reading that article, so maybe their PR writer sews, and this is just an outlier because that's what she wanted to write about. Maybe it's old news to everyone else. But while I knew crafty blogs were popular, I wouldn't have pegged them over, say, fashion. So, huh.

In other news, the house sellers we've been talking to accepted our remediation, so we may well be moving out of the grandparents' soon. On the other hand, they haven't gotten back to us on when the septic is being done (which for various reasons, has to happen before close) so we don't actually have a close date... And soon is a relative term: we're thinking with the holidays, and the amount of work we want to do, we'll actually be moving sometime in January.

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