Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Does this count as olympic knitting?

I didn't do it intentionally, but last night, I cast on for gigi with my colourmart silk.

For once, things conspired in my favor, as the smaller gauge I was getting corresponded perfectly with the smaller size I wanted, as opposed to landing off the charts somewhere and requiring a lot of math and frustration as it usually does. (by the way, my target size for this is 26" circumference - it matches one of my T-shirts for ease)

I tried the invisible 2x2 cast-on outlined in the fall interweave knits (it is *so* novel to be receiving these magazines). It was great. Way easier than the tubular cast on's I'd seen before. Also way easier than provisional cast ons I see recomended. Every time I do one of those, it seems to unravel from the bottom. I know, it's not supposed to do that, but it *does*. Or it did. Maybe it has to do with it being ribbing?

In any case, winner on the invisible tubular cast on. The only change I would make would be to do the initial rows in larger needles. But maybe it said that and I didn't notice.

I'm glad I did find a technique I could use in that issue, as there really weren't any patterns I'd use. Maybe the colorwork sweater - maybe.

So, yeah, enough about cast ons. I started at the beginning of evening coverage, and stopped at midnight. Then I stayed up to watch the end of the men's gymnastics final because it was way cool. But I didn't knit for that half hour or so, because I was mostly asleep, and having problems. In that time, I knit about an inch and a half of ribbing. Yes, 104 stitches across, on size 2's, with roughly fingering weight yarn. But still, a little over an inch. There are 5 inches of ribbing total, and this is only the back piece, and I want to make the ribbing longer since I'm long waisted.

I guess it's a good thing I didn't make this official, because there's no way I'd finish in time.

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