Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The stash

The stash is in my dresser. The bottom two drawers. This works out well with the exception of the fact that the handles of this particular dresser come off when used, so the drawers have to be nudged out from the sides. Still, not complaining.
Here is:
the top drawer

(for some reason the light had changed by the time I took this one, and I had to use the flash. I don't like the flash on this camera. I should have let it blur.
The top drawer holds mostly oddballs and leftovers. I think we've got a fair amount of leftover Rowan felted tweed, and beaverslide dry goods in red & green. Smaller amounts of handpaintedyarn merino bulky, Fibreworks kid mohair brush, and elann Gjestal Naturgarn and esprit, Tahki, in cotton of somesort, and ritrato. Unopened balls of lambspride (I find it icky), some strange nylon blend boucle which is much fuglier on the needles than on the ball, some gold berocco stuff, which while I like it (it's very soft), I can't think of a use for in that small ammount. Red eyelash feather that I used as an accent once, and a hopelessly tangled wad of red acrylic boucle.
Which brings us to drawer no. 2.

Drawer no.2 is currently dominated by new bulky merino. There will be pretty pictures and more of that later. Meanwhile, underneath:

Well, it's not terribly more explicatory. the bottom drawer is mainly swatches of the above, dead UFO's, and big bags o'stuff. So we've got a bunch of elann den'm'knit (in a bag, which you can't really see, despite it being the biggest thing in there), some merino lace (the blue green), and a mess of tahki davos that I made into a shrug that doesn't fit and now don't know what to do with.
And really, honetly, that's it. I've got a couple bags of WIPs, but I firmly believe that well, at least most of those are truly in progress, even if there hasn't been much lately. In any case, they'd still probably fit back in the drawers if I pushed.

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