Friday, January 26, 2007

Obnoxiously Yellow Hat.

Well, I'm going to try to post past FOs, though not necessarily in chronological order, more like, when I found it laying around order.
So here we are:

Vital statistics:
Yarn: novelty boucle in color 'curry light' 2 hanks, had a little left over
Gauge: used doubled in seed stitch, ~ 2sts, 4.5 rows/inch.
Needles: who the heck knows anymore, I think it was the 8's
Pattern: my own. Very simple knit in the round from the brim up. Picked up some stitches for the ear flaps.
Other thoughts:
I like the yarn, though it was a bear to work with. Very little stretch, as the core thread is tightly spun, despite the puffy bits sticking out of it.
This, by the way, is even more of a glowing brilliant acid blinding yellow than the picture makes out. Computer screens as we know them are simply not capable of displaying the true yellow-ness that this is. I find it somewhat amusing, and largely what I intended for the yarn. M, on the other hand, won't let me wear it out of the house. It's comfortably soft and warm - I've been wearing it to sleep in recently.

Here's a closeup of the stitchwork for those interested in the yarn. It really is that hard to see any coherent stitches, even in real life - I had a heck of a time measuring the gauge

And a shot of it 'on-head' to get a better impression of size & style - appologies for the fuzzy picture - there aren't any better-lit mirrors available.

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