Wednesday, January 24, 2007


When I see a pattern or FO I like my first impulse it generally not 'I should buy that pattern' but 'I should figure out how to make that'. My thought process often runs along the lines that, even if I bought the pattern, I'd have to modify the dickens out of it to get a fit, and starting from just the stitch pattern and general design would be just as easy, and much, well, free-er. Having reached the point in life where I have actual income, and am no longer a mooching student, I'm beginning to question that line of thought as rationalization, rather than solid logic.
There are a number of things I'd eyeballed as 'worthy causes' back in my no-money days. I want to give to the high school robotics team I mentored in college, since I know just how much it costs, how little support it gets, and how much I got out of being on even one side of it. I want to give to the web comic artists I read every morning, since they're relying on the kindness of strangers for a living, and they make me laugh - what's more valuable that that? I want to give to Child's Play, since it really is a good cause, and it's giving good press to a demographic that could use some.
I don't know where paying other people for patterns they inspired, but I did not strictly use falls in there. Plus, I firmly believe in taking care of yourself before you take care of others, and we are still firmly looking into buying a house, which is a sum of money behind which all others pale right now.
Really, this is all a bit rhetorical, because I have yet to actually make any of these lovely theoretical patterns, and I have no compulsion to stash things like that - I'm sure I'll be able to find something when the time comes.
Still, it's a topic I've been putting some serious thought into recently.

In other news, the fubar'd-gusset socks may be a failure after all. They are a little tight to get on, and I imagine this will not get better after felting. Still I cannot bring myself to re-work the heels - I'd rather get fresh yarn and start over altogether. I know continuing to work on them is not going to make matters better, but at least they'll be behind me, even it not quite, well, useful.

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