Tuesday, February 6, 2007


I'm going to start using the handpaintedyarn today.
I've been putting it off, as motivation to finish the socks, but I've decided I really don't want to finish the socks first anymore, and my only alternatives are colorwork which takes lots of thinking, and a lace top which has gone terribly awry from it's wonderful start and I just can't bear to look at now. This sudden conviction may also be influenced by the fact that it has gotten darn cold here (the 0's) and our office apparently doesn't have the heating capacity to quite keep up with that.
Of course, 'start' means winding yarn, not casting on. right now all I have is this:

Which is probably good, because I still haven't decided whether to make a turtleneck or a cardigan. Either way it will be based of of an existing garment/made up, and either way it will be 2x2 ribbed, but I have yet to decide which.
I will in all likelihood buy more of this yarn and make the other one in another color. Which has me leaning towards the jacket for this, since it's subtler, and would possibly go with more things.
I really do like the color of this. Like all my purchases from there to date, it was not quite what I was expecting, but this time it is in a very good way. Odd, since the best way I can describe the color is like the worst bruise you've ever seen - but in a good way.

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