Wednesday, February 7, 2007

yarn cakes

Sorry this picture has wonky lighting. One of the things I less than like about my new camera is that you can't plug it in a take pictures, you have to take the battery out and charge it. So in the 90 seconds after I got home that it took for the battery to suck the strength from the wall to turn the camera on, the light was gone. I improvised.

Yesterday was unexpected. Snow right at the close of business, so traffic was terrible going home. I stopped at my parents' to pick up a spare blanket I had there, and realized I would get home just as fast if I waited a few hours for the roads to clear. Yay for someone else cooking dinner.
It did give me an opportunity to measure the jacket-template in question, and I now have a reasonable pattern drafted up. I still have to figure out how to make a couple of fit adjustments, but I'm pretty sure I'm going with the jacket. I also forgot that it isn't actually ribbed all the way up, and since I prefer how the variegation in this yarn looks in ribs, that will be some modifications too. But given my balling progress that's ok.
Though ye-gods this stuff goes fast compared to the lace and fingering-weight I'd be doing before. I know, I know, no kidding, but the actually experiencing the difference is impressive.
I really, truly do love this color more and more as I see it. When it first arrived, I was convinced that the main color was dark purply-grey, but winding it tonight I definitely saw green in it too. It's making me think about color theory and lean closer & closer to dyeing my own yarn. But not yet.

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