Wednesday, May 16, 2007

2.5 more patches of FPS last night

and that's all I have to say about that.

Well, almost, but I couldn't resist channeling forest gump for a moment there. I would have posted the pictures last night, but M absconded with my camera and cable to take pictures of one of the houses we saw. Once he told me where he'd hid them, there was no longer time (or light) for photography. I will try soon, but

note: The pictures I did post yesterday were from that one day when I did a bunch of my FOs. They really are rather lacking, both in subject (the front? the garment laid out flat so you can see the somewhat atypical construction method?) and in general quality. I attribute this to a combination of inexperience with the camera, and the fact that man, it was really dark that time of year! I intend to get better versions of them too.

But comments! I feel a little bad for not noticing them for so long, I gotten used to not having anything show up since it was so new, and sort of stopped checking.  to answer  5elementknitr's question, I've oogled Habu on websites, but never seen it in person, as it isn't carried locally. This stuff is no Habu, definetly more on the novelty than luxury end of the Japanese yarn spectrum, but as a gift, I feel obliged to do my best with it.

I don't think I ever mentioned why I was receiving Japanese yarn to begin with. It makes a lot more sense in context. I sent my friend in Japan my first handmade socks (STR medium, I did get pictures, and need to blog them) around the beginning of the year, and this was the (unexpected) return package.

and, of course, houses. Since I've got houses on the brain nowadays. This weekend we saw two more, one that was nice, but not what we were looking for, and one that just might be - except - it needs at least 20,000 worth of work. Refinished floors, new kitchen, and all new windows are the big(est) items.

It would be a great place for us at a great price with it done. but.
a) That's, um, a lot of work. How much do we really want to do all that work?
b) Other people may not think it's as nice as we do. It is an older house, with a lot of attributes that (while they don't bother us) aren't good for resale. Like smallish bathrooms and master bedroom. It's also on a 50mph road in sort of a commercial district. It backs up to a subdivision, and has a big yard so you don't really notice, but 'Industrial Parkway' just doesn't have that ring people are looking for, and the road is likely to get busier. So there's a real concern that even if we get a good price, we could still not be able to resell it.

So, we're thinking.

It also needs a heck of a home inspection. Do the outlets have suitable ground? (1960's construction, there isn't any on the plates, I've heard conflicting things) Do the well & septic work? does the plumbing leak? does the furnace work? How many things are made of asbestos? It's a bank repossession, so nobody knows.

Tough call.


5elementknitr said...

The house that needs all the work... sounds like you've already made a decision! If it's a bank repo, would it be worth the investment as a rental? We looked at soooooo many houses. Then - BAM! When it's the right house, you just know it! Good luck!

5elementknitr said...

Are you still out there? Hope all is well!

5elementknitr said...

Hey, I read the comment you left on my post today and it reminded me about the worst name I've ever heard. I just edited my post to include it. Thanks! The new paragraph is right after the paragraph about military names and ranks.