Wednesday, May 9, 2007

completely boring

It's unfortunate that starting this blog coincided so closely with knitting the most boring thing ever from an observational standpoint. I'm starting tier 14 on the FPS. I did finish my first ball of yarn this past weekend, and take a picture on the lamp, (for scale) which I suppose I will post, even though it is *not* exciting. I still maintain that it is not boring or unpleasant to knit (pattern keeps changing, distinct chunks of gratification and stopping points &c. &c.) but it is nothing to show to others progress-wise.

(M declared last night that my wad of unblocked lace 'looked pretty' I disagreed, and told him he had just lost a lot of veracity points on his future complements. He told me that I would have to stop complementing how his guitar practicing sounds)

14 tiers in, it's a little longer than my shoulders are wide un-stretched, so I declare it half-done. How many tiers does the pattern say again? I think that I am not getting gauge with this. (not that I tried, I just picked some needles that made an appropriately lacy swatch. Measurements schmeasurements)

So, for interesting content we will have to go outside the knitting arena:

-librivox sounds pretty cool. Am I strange for being most interested in reading Sophocles and Plato (euthyphro in particular)? But all those greek names would kill me I'm sure.

-Saw the first inside of a potential house the other day. Was unimpressed. People had bought it to flip, and done a terrible job of it. They put in nice new kitchen cabinets and poured a patio...but that was about it. No appliances. No new windows. No replacement of the asbestos siding. The floors are also very un-level (though they put new wood on top of it - but it is so not flat it will not last) they also painted all the walls taupe. But, ah, didn't sand them first, and there are brush strokes all over the place, and they didn't tape the ceiling well enough, since there's paint there too.
It isn't *bad* but they really didn't add any value other than the kitchen cabinets, and they are asking a price in line with it being completely fixed up and nice. Which is too bad, since according to the realtor (this may be realtor-ese, who knows), the price is just their costs, and it will probably be difficult/not worth it to convince them that it just isn't worth that, and they'll have to take a loss. Looks like it would have been a decent deal before they fixed it, but unfortunately we weren't looking then.
*le sigh* it had such a nice yard too.


uberstrickenfrau said...

hi yah! I saw you from 5elementknitr, thought I'd stop by.
I thought about the flipping house thing to make quick cash, but, I think the day of that is passed now,interest rates what they are and all.

Melissa said...

Jason and I looked at a house last Friday that was so overpriced it was actually funny. Luckily we were just looking for fun, rather than seriously looking, but I feel your pain.

FPS is totally gorgeous, so I vote for more pictures. Call me weird, but I like the way 'the lump' looks too.

5elementknitr said...

Hey, it's Ruth from 5elelmentknitr. Thanks for stopping by! We looked at TONS of houses before we bought ours when we were in Tucson. When the right one comes along, you'll know it! Love that funky Japanese yarn! Have you seen the Habu textiles stuff? They have yarn made from stainless steel, paper and even from pineapple fibers (that one's itchy). cool

Monnibo said...

Hey - I saw you on Knitters Review Forum. Your "boring blog" comment for not buying any yarn was magnificent.

And sucky about that house - the ones that do an amazing job probably end up moving in instead of selling. haha.

oh and I agree with melissa - more FPS photos!