Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Strange yarn from Japan

I received a box from a friend of mine in Japan. Among other (mostly tasty) things there were these two skeins of yarn.

I would say they're around fingering weight, and very oddly made up. They're several different kinds of yarn wound into the same skein. Here are some more close up shots, since we know that's what everyone really wants.

I ripped right into skeining the first one before I thought about documenting the unique form it came in, so part of the one type of yarn is wound into a ball already.

Here you can see the three distinct types of yarn, the pale purple two-ply, rainbow-ish novelty, and a small amount of white feathery novelty. The purple and rainbow have about even amounts, (which is hard to tell now, since the purple's all wound up, but trust me) and there's only a very small amount of the white.

Finally, a close up of the purple, to see the composition. The plys are definitely distinct, and I'm guessing at fibers. Possibly wool and silk, possibly wool/acrylic and rayon. The only tag was a little stub that said 'home spun'. Not even anything in Japanese.

The dark was considerably less photogenic, but it looks like equal parts black/rainbow in the vein of this one's white/rainbow, and some natural colored slubby cotton. No third yarn in that one.
The two skeins were tied together too. So, I'm wondering, what to make with this? I get the impression it might be some sort of a kit, intended for use in a single project, but I can't think what. Anyone ever seen/heard of a presentation like this before?
If I don't get any feedback, I'm thinking a length-wise scarf, so I can use the parts up evenly. I'd like to do a lace pattern rather than just garter like my Kochoran scarf, but I need to figure out something simple enough not to fight too much, and that won't object to having it's beginning & ending dictated by when I run out of a yarn type.
Oh, yes, and the rest of the stuff from the box from Japan. Tasties.

(actually, there was a little more than this, including some slubby black wool, but it's been redistributed around my house more than I wanted to gather back up again)

Our herbs have finally sprouted. Well, most of them. And I'm not sure how well they'll make out starting just now, and not getting a heck of a lot of sun. But we have basil.

and oregano.

To give you a sense of scale as to just how tiny these things are, here are the full pots. Basil is on the left. The oregano seeds looked like dust.

The parsley is visible at a somewhat more reasonable scale.

We also have one thyme, a little mint, and a second pot of oregano. But honestly, they look about the same, and I'm already getting kinda heavy on the 'generic green sprouts' pics as it is, happy as they may make me in their wee-ness. No Lemon Verbena yet.


Melissa said...

Love the sprout closeup!

My husband gets packages from his friend in Japan full of similar goodies, but he's never sent mystery yarn before. Lucky you!

Herbs and Me said...

I have found it is hard growing herbs by seed. This year I bought a few new herb plants and they seem to be working out better. I did grow some peppermint and it just doesn't look like it is wanting to grow? Best Luck with your Herbs.