Monday, April 30, 2007

the good, the bad and the ugly

No, really, we watched that movie this weekend. *well, part of it. Do you know how long that movie is? Er, neither do I, but we watched until we thought 'man, this is a long movie' then checked, and were around halfway through. So we're finishing it this afternoon. It took me a while to figure out the dubbing scheme. I was almost positive parts of it were dubbed, since they were using the same two voice actors from 'bubba's budget dubbing' that I recognized from all the kung-fu movies. But then, it's Clint Eastwood, and he doesn't speak Italian, does he? It can't be dubbed. That and there really isn't much talking to begin with. So I was befuddled for some time. Apparently, it was released in both america and italy, so half of the scenes were done in each language, and dubbed to the other.
Apparently people like M know this.
And young clint eastwood isn't bad looking either. He reminds me of hugh jackman, or at least, according to M, he has the same two facial expressions, 'stern', and 'slightly confused'. Those work for me.

Knitting, you want me to talk about knitting? I'm up to tier 11. Are pictures really necessary? I probably have a tier and a half left on this ball of yarn.

I finally got my skye tweed order from webs from way back when. They aren't really that slow at filling orders. Apparently the first time I thought I ordered it, I never clicked the 'make it so' button, and thus spent the next month and a half wondering where my yarn was. But it has since been actually ordered, and come in, and of course, I had to see if the different dye lot would match well enough (it does, you can't even tell) so I finished one of the sleeves. I'd forgotten how rough this yarn was to work with. Almost sticky. One sleeve and seams to go. I should really get different yarn for seaming it too.

one sleeve done

I also finally got buttons for the handpaintedyarn sweater. They did have them at Hobby-Lobby. They're nothing special but they should work. Unfortunately, I think I will now finish the fair isle first, since I have yarn for that. But by-golly, when the time comes, I have buttons.

pretty good match

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