Monday, August 13, 2007


The FPS is done! It is somehow amazing to me that I have completed this. There was none of the finishing procrastination I often get with projects here - as soon as I realized I was down to the top triangles, I was in a frenzy to finish and block. It is a little smaller than I would do if I did it again (and my mother is already asking) as it didn't stretch quite as much as I thought it would, but perfectly serviceable. It is actually surprisingly heavy. I guess that's the alpaca for you.

Which leaves, what's next? Ravelry has been such an enabler here, as I am all keyed up to start knocking things off the top of my queue as opposed to having forgotten all the things I thought of to make when I was still in the middle of things. I've got three right now. I've already started frogging my failed Davos shrug in anticipation of turning the yarn into an Anthropologie Capelet (ravelry link). Then I need to run to the store after work today to get supplies for the other projects. basic cotton for Grr (ravelry) & a some beads for a Baltic Sea Stole (ravelry). What you say, that pattern has no beads? Well - yes. I'm not actually making a baltic sea stole. I'm just using the motif ('Japanese Feather' per Barbra Walker) to make a very similar stole (without the squared off edging btw - why loose the best part?), and decided it would look well with beads up the lines in between, since my yarn is fairly variegated, and you loose some of the distinction of the wavy lines.

This has me really pleased, since two of the projects will be using up 'problem yarn' that failed at it's first incarnations and has been waiting patiently for the right thing to come along. Here's hoping these are the right things.

p.s. do people agree with me on the double linking to ravelry & an outside source? On one hand, I think it has incredibly descriptive pattern pages, and I want people to be able to easily access the best description. On the other hand, I remember well my time on the wait list, and don't want to exclude those who aren't 'in' yet. Is this good, or just cluttered (or self-important?), and I should hold off linking there until it goes public?

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Melissa said...

I appreciate the Ravelry link. Yay for finishing FPS! When do we get a photo? (Or do you have one on Ravelry? Off to go look...)