Wednesday, August 15, 2007

gorram it

I went to the crafty-not-yarn store the other day, and completely forgot to buy seaming yarn for the ski sweater. Grouchy now.

(I did get yarn for grr, which is good, and did not find beads for baltic feather, which is ok, as I didn't particularly expect to. I'm now thinking of these or these. Will probably get both to be safe. And a 1.10mm hook)

Also did take pictures of finished FPS, and will post them when I get home today. But I was busy photoing and then editing. While good pictures are one of my favorite parts of other people's blogs, they're one of my least favorite parts of making my own. It feels so laborious and it's hard to make myself start (grumble grumble whine whine I know).

Instead (of posting photos), I was working on the anthropologie capelet. I got to where you split the sleeves off, and decided I didn't like the look of the ribbing, so frogged, and started over with doubled yarn in the ribbing. It looks much better (aside from the pile of frogged-but-not-re-balled yarn all over my couch). Thankfully, from how far I got, it does not look like I will have problems running out of yarn with this, which was one of the main obstacles in using the Davos from the beginning, I only bought three balls.

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