Friday, August 17, 2007

Finishing High & ravelry FTW

After little progress of late, I've been knitting like a madwoman the past few evenings.

Maybe it's just because with this capelet, I actually feel like I'm accomplishing something every night, and may in fact finish it in the foreseeable future. Other pieces haven't been giving me that.

but anyway, got past for splitting the sleeves. Directions state 'knit 4 more rows, then start ribbing' (or something like that) I'm getting a little under gauge, so I do a little more than four.
Do some ribbing.

Think 'this still looks small'.

Awkwardly attempt to try on thing attached to short circular needle and various stitch holders. It looks like it will end approximately at my nipple. 'is that really how this is supposed to fit?' (pattern does not show on a person)

enter ravelry (cue music)
scan through pictures.

No, all the ones that fit well seem to reach slightly below the bottom of the 'bust area' (there must be more technical terms for these places than 'nipple' and 'bust area')

and now we know.

We may now rip a few simple rows of ribbing instead of a painful tubular bindoff and continue knitting with confidence. Hurrah!

*ftw = "for the win" I'm not sure if this is blog slang in general or just gamer slang.

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