Friday, August 24, 2007


So, I started 'working out'. I put this in quotation marks because I am doing really, really, pansy things that do not count as a workout in any definition of the word I believe.

Why am I writing this here? Because I'm sore and want to whine. Because supposedly, documenting things is good for keeping up at them. and finally, because I find it amusing the sorts of pansy-wuss things I'm doing that actually make me sore.

I started with situps (well, backwards situps where you lie on your back and lift your legs - they were easier). I could do five of these at a time. That bad. I did three sets of this, for a total of 15 situps before becoming completely exhausted. That was my 'workout'. See why I used the quotes?

I was really surprised that in three days of doing this, I was able to do ten at a time. I mean, that's still really pathetic (don't real people do 100's?), but I actually made progress by doing 15 situps for three days in a row. I think that's crazy. 15 measly situps?

So, it's been about two weeks, and I can now do 3x20. So, I started doing toe-touches. Or more realistically, toe-looks. Because about the only thing that I'm worse at than being strong is being flexible. I can get my hands a little past my knees. Bad. And really, toe-touches? Standing up and bending over? That's the sort of 'exercise' you do in 2nd grade gym. So I did 100. Because It seemed like a good round number.

Apparently those 2nd grade gym teachers were onto something, at least for wussy grown-ups.  By about 50, I could actually reach my toes. (hey, combination of working and stretching muscles at the same time. Effective)  But for the rest of the night I kinda felt like I was gonna fall over. I wasn't tired anymore, and I wasn't sore yet, but I didn't feel like I could trust all those 'stabilization muscles' you know.

Today I'm sore. From touching my friccin toes.

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blaineandmeryl said...

Good for you for starting though! I'm such a weenie that I haven't even gotten there yet. I wish there was a way to exercise under amnesia or something....